Fine Art Cannabis Photography
  This some may not consider “Fine art photography” as described by “Fine Art Photography is difficult to define, primarily because artistic value is very much in the eye of the beholder. It can be best described as photography purely for the sake of expressing the photographer's own vision and feelings. It can also be defined by what it is not. It is not like commercial photography, in that it is not produced to sell a product or promote an image. It is not journalistic in nature where a photograph is taken to capture or tell a visual story that coincides with a written one.”   In the past the majority of my focus with cannabis photography was documenting my growing and breeding.  In the few recent years,  my focus has turned to sharing with the world my love of cannabis and what a wonderful unique flower cannabis is. I rarely capture an image with the intent of selling it in mind. I am only now starting to sell some prints of my work, and yes, I will be trying to do more that in the future.       Mother Nature creates much of the art I photograph; I try and discover or create the best lighting and settings in which I can compose an image to display her creation, uniqueness, diversity, splendour, and magnificence.  I will always strive to capture cannabis to reveal the plant in it’s most natural state with natural lighting when-ever possible.  I compose my flowers in the best way possible, I use only fresh specimens in most of my work.   Below are examples of what I feel is my Fine Art imagery...I’m not perfect, they may look similar to a lot of my images and in a way they are; I make a special effort to capture all my images with making them unique, one-of-a-kind in mind. Some may not rise to the level of what some photographers feel is “fine art photography” but I’d like people to consider them as. More examples can be found on my Black and White Cannabis Photography page, thanks...have fun, Jeff Doobies’ Store open Mid march 2015 featuring prints and note cards......
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