Doobie Ducks’ Art For Sale and Copyright Leasing
    Businesses and individuals seeking rights managed images or copyrights I release those myself. I’m working on publishing a gallery of art at  Email me or   
Recent Update  02-15-2017-I’m offering my images to publishers at: Cannabis Eye Candy  My galleries can be seen and enjoyed by everyone, yet downloading images is password protected. Publishers seeking my art for thier books and magazines can email me to discuss pricing and those download passwords thank you.
My art when released you’ll find info on it here or Facebook.
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All images on this site are copyright, do not reproduce, print , or publish them without written permission from me. I am very disabled  please don’t rip me off Brother! If you need a special image contact me.  If you want to share my images on the Internet  I’ll share them with you;! A simple credit “Image by” is mandatory, acceptable, allowed, and appreciated by me; especially if it links directly back to this site.