Cannabis Graphic Art by DoobieDuck
  I’ve created some unique art with several leading software programs as you’ll see here. The Tom Hill banner and seed pack cover were created completely by hand with a Wacos tablet and pen in Xara Extreme. The connoisseur story to the left was published at IC the Magazine in June of 2010, link if you’d like to read it here: Connoisseur Story.  I can combine my art and my imagery along with your ideas to create something unique for you. I am always open to fun projects. Please visit my contact page for more information on that.
Cannabis Graphic Art by DoobieDuck
By using the combination of my images and artistry I can do a lot of things. Below i am going to try to show you some of that. Endless possibilities when I’m inspired and something comes to mind.  
Doobies’ Graphic Art
Above, created for my story published by ICMag. Click on the image and you’ll be taken to the story..thanks for viewing.
Above created for a contest I entered for Halloween.
above some cartoon type stuff I was working on, I need to try some more of this....
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