Floral Photography by DoobieDuck
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Flower pictures? I got um, lots of them. Please be patient as I load more to this category, I’ll try and make it worth the wait. My wife and I grow many many varieties of flowers on our 3 acres, everything from roses to wildflowers, perennials and annuals. They are one of my favorite subjects as they are close and rather easy for me to run and grab the camera when I see a shot I want to capture. Nothing like being able to do that when the lighting is just right. I promise this will be one of your favorite pages...Jeff
This tiny viola above was eaking thru a 2 foot patch of moss I had in my flower bed., we babied it along for quite some time, can’t wait to see if it comes back this year.
And below a collection of my art...
Want more..floral images page II is taking shape along with Rose Imagery by DoobieDuck