Thanks for your interest in my cannabis photography and art. All images on this site are copyright, please don’t steal them, don’t reproduce them, don’t print them, or publish them, without written permission from me. I am very disabled, please don’t rip me off Brother!    If you need a special image or print please visit my contact page which will guide you in getting in touch with me. If you want to share my images on the Internet or in emails I’ll share them with you; if you provide a simple credit “Image by” is mandatory and appreciated by me; especially if it links directly back to this site. That’s all I ask.   It always saddens me to tell Peeps the images on this site have been down-sized and compressed drastically to prevent fraud, I don’t like having to do this but I do so to protect my copyrights. They are cropped to my liking, they might seem jumbled and not uniform in size, you’re correct. I’m making it work to best represent my art. I am allowing generous size pop-up images for you. I hope you will still enjoy them and find them an entertaining batch of eye candy despite this extreme altering.    My images are single frame digital captures. They have not been digitally manipulated in any way unless noted by me; or part of my art or dioramas pages.. Nothing is added to or taken away from them. Yes the hummingbirds pics with the cannabis in them are real and captured in a single live moment! I am very proud of my work and appreciate your interest in it. I can only afford mid-priced equipment, much of it purchased used off eBay. I do not have a full frame DSLR yet..soon I hope.    I capture and create my cannabis imagery with an emphasis on lighting and composition. Please keep in mind that the images I share here are for those qualities not for qualities such as the largest plant, the stickiest buds, or biggest fattest colas, yet you might see some of those here. I choose the images I like, they are not perfect. They are chosen because they display a sliver of unique lighting, an unusual off focus bokeh, or some other artistic attribute I’ve noticed. They may be of unusual unique rare varieties of cannabis, some of those I have bred, created, and developed myself.     It has been a daunting difficult task or me to sort through my 25 years of images while coping with my current health issues to bring you these. I have always kept organized files of my images-but I have never kept a “best of” folder. Thus I had to start filtering through my years of ten thousand cannabis pix to find these. I will probably will never be finished. I’ve found images I had forgotten I’d captured along with images I don’t even remember shooting. This site is now my career, I will continue capturing, creating , and displaying many more images as time goes on so please re-visit my site every once in a while to see what I find in my archives or have captured recently. Jeff
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Note: Some of my best cannabis photography is featured in varieties I’ve created on my Genetics Page. Please don’t miss those images, I’m sure you’ll like them. On the menu bar below you’ll find drop down links to my entire collection of cannabis images, have fun, Jeff
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All images on this site are copyright, do not reproduce, print , or publish them without written permission from me. I am very disabled  please don’t rip me off Brother! If you need a special image contact me.  If you want to share my images on the Internet  I’ll share them with you;! A simple credit “Image by” is mandatory, acceptable, allowed, and appreciated by me; especially if it links directly back to this site.  
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