DoobieDucks’ Black and White Cannabis Photography
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Just putting this page together to share my work in Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, and Topaz Labs Black and White Effects. These software programs allow the conversion of color images to black and white. Though it is not quite the same as the black and white film photography I studied it’s the best I can do now. I’ve received a lot of interest and great response from people for my creating and sharing these images; so I am expanding this page, I might even do a page II...enjoy, Jeff
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All images on this site are copyright, do not reproduce, print , or publish them without written permission from me. I am very disabled  please don’t rip me off Brother! If you need a special image contact me.  If you want to share my images on the Internet  I’ll share them with you;! A simple credit “Image by” is mandatory, acceptable, allowed, and appreciated by me; especially if it links directly back to this site.