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   I was born in Columbus Ohio in 1954. My late Grandfather, was an avid outdoors-man, early photographer, journalist, and a newspaper publisher in Ohio. Later a member of the U.S. Congress. My late Father was a member of the U.S. Marines and flew off the USS Salerno Bay during the first historical helicopter missions in the 1950s Korean conflict. An early helicopter bush pilot in Alaska. Later, in the 60s, he flew as Head Test Pilot for Hiller Aviation a major aircraft manufacturer. He then formed his own company where he then began flying and mapping the entire Western United States. He landed on almost every mountain top in the western region.   My having the unique opportunity to learn photography while riding alongside with my father, to places most people have never been to nor seen, was critical and helped in developing my appreciation for photography and light.` The wildlife and scenery I was exposed to, at an early age I believe created my love for nature. As the son of a pilot I attended school in a dozen different states, finally settling down in Alturas Ca. to finish high school at Modoc High; Where, for 4 years, I was a photography student and assistant to Richard Cartner. He helped me expand and fine tune my photography skills. Thank you Richard .....   Throughout my lifetime I have enjoyed and engaged in many different art mediums including stained glass, water colors, chainsaw carving, wood and rock marquetry, relief antler carving, flint knapping, lapidary, jewelery making, game bird taxidermy and carving, the list goes on and on. Did I mention Photography? Keeping my mind busy doing this art helps ease the pain.   I am proficient in many software image programs, I am a graphic designer, and I built this website created entirely by me. I was an avid hunter, fisherman, big game and waterfowl guide until becoming disabled. My wife and I enjoyed artifact collecting, hunting purple bottles and collectibles, camping and hiking in the wilderness areas or as far as our vehicle could take us off the beaten path. Also an accomplished musician my entire adult life, I performed at clubs, bars, and events. Playing keyboards, guitar, bass, backing and lead vocals. My disabilities do not allow, or severely restrict, my doing all of these activities nowadays. They prevent me from “gigging” in bands entirely, a career I sorely miss....           I am suffering chronic pain from three major spine surgeries that all included hardware. I have been diagnosed with Spinal Stenosis, Degenerative Disc Disease, I have a Seizure Disorder-I can not drive, Fybromyalgia, Sleep Apnea, Chronic Fatigue, Depression, and a list of other things, along with some they haven’t found yet..shit man! These are extremely debilitating very painful, and worsening with each day with no relief or cure in sight. ...ouch...but I have the hot tub!     I currently live with my wife of 44 years(June 2017) in Northern California. My wildlife and floral images are captured mostly around my home. I used to venture out into areas of Modoc, Lassen, and Plumas Counties of California, along with the remote areas of Washoe County Nevada to explore and find new photographic subjects, but that is also limited nowadays due to my health..     I now spend much of my time, as much as I can tolerate, on my PC, and on the Internet, where I am a member of several of the worlds leading medical cannabis and cannabis grower/breeder web forums. I try and help fellow chronic pain sufferers, and seriously ill patients. Helping them cope with their disabilities and pain in an attempt to better understand the benefits of medical marijuana which can improve their quality of life. If you know someone that is suffering please take a moment to read this letter: From Someone with Chronic Pain  You may then better understand what they are going through and be more compassionate in trying to help them, thanks for caring.  There are adaptations of that ^ “letter” ^ for other chronic illnesses there as well.    Cannabis is safe medicine and it is helping millions of suffering people around the world. If you need to see scientific proof please view    Grannys List,                                                                          .. thank you Storm Crow for your hard work on this.   My cannabis images are captured in my garden, at regional cannabis co-ops and collectives as well as the gardens of other medical marijuana patients. I am a “hobby” cannabis breeder. I have created several unique varieties and strains for genetics preservation, for the use in my photography and art, as well as for research as medical cannabis for the suffering. Visit my genetics page for more info on my breeding projects.    My images have been, and continue to be, published in many leading magazines and books internationally, including well known ones like Ed Rosenthal’s Growing Guide, his Big Buds Cannabis Calendars, Cannabis Now, Vegas Cannabis, Skunk Magazine. Our local newspaper and regional publications feature my wildlife and floral images quite often.    I created and developed this web site for photographers, artists, wildlife enthusiasts, cannabis patients and lovers, as well as the general web surfers to enjoy. It has taken me years to create and will be an on-going work for me as long as I live. I dedicate it to my loving wife Norma who has to cope with me and my disabilities, she shows her compassion and understanding every day by helping me tolerate my chronic pain.
Capturing images in my grow.. stained glass art
Oh..when I was younger, time flies..
..self portrait.. with hummingbird.
I’ll always love you Norma..Jeff
Cutting it all off for the fifth time in my life 2014 for the Lockss of Love Program
Rufous humminbird and gladiolus
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