Long time member of Norml
I am a member, sharing my images and compassion at:
I am a supporting member of ASA
I support and Donate to
The most important letter you’ll ever read if you know someone that is suffering,  A letter from someone suffering with chronic pain
For my friends that are mis-informed on how safe cannabis is and it’s medical benefits I’m providing these links:
Granny Storm Crows’ Medical Reference List, is now on Facebook, a comprehensive medical cannabis list .
I am a contributing photographer  at Skunk Magazine
American Alliance for Medical Cannabis
Where you’ll most likely find me on the Web is in my personal forum at:
Links to My Favs and Organizations I support regularly....
I support and donate to MMP.
Very honored to have collaborated with Jorge Cervantes on his new Cannabis Growing Encyclopedia out now 2014 His new book promises to be the most comprehensive ever published. There is now a link to it in my  Doobies Published page. Check it out! Many of my images have been included in it, many thanks Jorge, I’m looking forward to seeing it.
..long time member at Bubblemans Hideout
Visiting and rubbing elbows with my friends at THC Farmer.
Now at Cannazon
Often pop in at Grass City
Long time member at Breedbay
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