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    Due to the nature of the cannabis business I partake in, To protect my privacy, I only provide my email for your communication with me, please read on.     If you need to email me please be prepared to give me specifics about who you are and what your cannabis image or art needs are. When inquiring about my rights managed or copyrights be sure to include your needs, size, resolution, and which image ( a link or file name/number is very useful). I’ll need to know what publication the image will be used in, what for, and the number of articles that will be printed.   I reply only to emails that include some sort of personal information (email address, mailing address, phone number etc) that can be verifiable in some way by me if we develop an business relationship. The best way of doing that is if you have a business please provide me your business information, website etc..again links are very helpful. You also may consider the name of who may have referred you to me.     Do not contact me regarding acquiring cannabis or cannabis seed. I have none available. Emails asking for those will be considered harassment by me.   Please do not use my email for discussing growing and breeding. I am a member of many different web forums that can be found at my Doobie supports page. I’m most often here Doobie at I can discuss those type things there if you catch me . My Doobie Supports page has additional links for you of where else I hang including Facebook/Instagram.   If you find a error on this site, a link that does not work, something spelled wrong, and most important -an image not displaying properly, I’d love to hear from you, please feel free to use my facebook page for those type issues. Thanks Jeff
   Special orders sometimes have a drawback, one that often occurs is some of my images may not be large enough,(high enough resolution) for your project, please inquire.... It doesn’t hurt to ask, I’d love to work something out for you... Copyrights and Rights Managed Digital Files   I work very closely with publishers, the News Media, businesses, artists, and individuals who seek cannabis image digital files.  If you see an image on this site you would like to use in a publication, on the web, or in print, please email me for copyright pricing.  Publishers visit my Published page, my Facebook Doobies’ Published page or for more information on working with me on your projects. Art and Graphic Design and Commissioning My Photography or Art Services    I consider commissioned work or needs, I am an artist, but a disabled one. My disabilities play a big part in my everyday life now as well as the possibly of working for you. I love photography, and especially cannabis photography and art. I love unique projects, but I need time to consider your needs before bidding on, or giving you a quote on yours. I will be quite upfront with you; if you have special image needs-Please inquire...let me consider how I can help you...I enjoy the work. Please consider my creating something unique for you?
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All images on this site are copyright, do not reproduce, print , or publish them without written permission from me. I am very disabled  please don’t rip me off Brother! If you need a special image contact me.  If you want to share my images on the Internet  I’ll share them with you;! A simple credit “Image by” is mandatory, acceptable, allowed, and appreciated by me; especially if it links directly back to this site.  
Special Orders..    02-12-2017: I am experiencing a lot of interest in prints of images. I am offering my email address for those of you seeking prints or enlargements.        If you see an image on this site, Facebook, or Instagram you would like as a print or enlargement please inquire, email me. I’ll do my best to work with you . A deposit will be required for all special orders. That can be made via PayPal.   Here are some things I’ll need to know: Which image? where is it on this or some other site, links appreciated. What size print? 8x10, 11x14, 16x20, any large than that we’ll have to discuss. Paper, photo paper, archival, there are many types. Glossy or matte finish? Mount type?.. my prints are usually pro-pressed onto Gator board or styro, both beautiful and ready to frame. Your location, I have now shipped to Great Brittan, Asia, Africa, South Amaerica....all over the world. Prints are shipped directly from my photo lab thus I cannot personally sign them. I will send you a certificate of authenticity later.   I can also now do wall splits and many other unique displays that fascinate viewers.
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