Cannabis Dioramas and Art by DoobieDuck
    This is art created by me, it was one of the first styles of my imagery which was widely recognized on the Internet; my “cannabis loggers” and “cannabis log camp” images can still be found all over the web. These are created using HO train people,parts and pieces. Items I crafted, the greenhouse, cabin, etc. and scenery. The snow is real, the cannabis grown by me. They’re very difficult to photograph, I’m still developing my technique to do this work. .    I’ve heard comments about how “immature” it is of me to do these, yet they constantly generate praise and approval along with tons of interest on the web.     Many thanks to those who have shared these images on their favorites sites and with their friends, I am very grateful.   I try to produce a series of these each year when I get a new ideas. 
Marijuana Log Camp
E.M.T. “Saving the Backyard Grow” Series
Greenhouse and Grow
Cali Harvest-Trimmers
..and a little law enforcement.
The series that started it all....
Cannabis Grow diorama by DoobieDuck
The cabin, greenhouse, windmill, hot tub, bridge, trees, all hand made and cannabis grown by me- the Doobster...
Medical Clause..short for Medical Santa Clause
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