DoobieDuck Genetics-the Story
Cannabis crosses and varieties created by DoobieDuck with genetics from breeders world-wide
   I have been breeding for about 15 years (in 2014) and have been so very fortunate to meet on-line and build friendships with some of the worlds finest and most elite cannabis breeders. They take great pride and care in developing their genetics which are constantly improving the medical benefits of cannabis as well as the connoisseur properties of it. Most of them use large quantities of specimens in their breeding projects and follow strict guidelines in their scientific breeding process. I do my best to document, record, and isolate my breeding work. That being said, I consider myself more of the “Hobby Breeder type” and I love it. I don’t have the facilities to propagate like they do, nor does my health allow me to dedicate the time or energy these breeders put into their projects. I have no immediate intention of selling my seed.   I have only a small medical grow during the summer and work with co-ops and collectives in the winter months. My genetics are rarely released. Please remember, The Breeders did most of the work behind these and deserve the majority of the credit for what I create; one of the reasons I am featuring images of their work, information about and links to them.   My reasons for breeding are to create something special-something that helps improve someone’s quality of life. Too I love creating something unique, special, or unusual for my photography, or just something different I can call my own.   Preserving genetics is always worth mentioning as I have turned my focus towards that more than anything else. I like to find rare, hard to find land-race varieties to combine with elite breeder varieties for my projects; the difficult part of that, all must be acquired thru collectives, or patients.   Another big reason for my passion for growing cannabis is the therapeutic relief it gives me keeping my mind busy and distracted, away from my chronic pain, while gardening. My Biography page will tell you more about what I cope with every day.   I am featuring and giving thanks to some of these fine Breeders,  the ones that have helped me along the way as well as others I’ve grow thier varieties. I’m providing links to websites where information about them or their genetics can be found; and that info is getting tougher and tougher to find nowadays as many of the old time breeders are disappearing from the public eye.. if you are a breeder that has contributed to my genetics and I fail to mention you please email me, I’ll correct that ASAP. All of you Breeders, . many thanks from DoobieDuck.    Please do not email me with questions about my genetics. I am a member of several of the worlds leading cannabis grower and medical marijuana forums on the Internet. I’ll be happy to discuss that type thing on these web-forums with you. You can find me often at other forum links can be found in my Doobie Supports and Favs page.  I visit Doobies’ Blog just about every day..          
Grat3ful H3ad Seed Mountain High Seed Tom Hill Seed Cannacopia Seed Hybrids from Hell Reservoir Seed Dutchgrown Genetics Kryptonite Seed Mr. Alkaline-Elevator Man Nugget Shiner genetics Gypsy Nirvana Mist of Destruction Seed Survival of the Fittest Seed Riot Seed Wizard of Oz Seed (at HammerHead Genetics (at Bohempian (can be found at Breedbay) Stratocaster Cannabis by DoobieDuck
Left and above: Doobies’  Stratocaster Trainwreck x Bluemoonshine F3
DoobieDucks Malawi cross Doobies' Malawi Doobies' Sweet Blue f2 Doobies' Cripple Creek Doobies' Moon Monkey Haze Doobies' Strawberry Doobies' Stratocaster Doobies' Hummingbird Red Doobies' Hummingbird Green Doobies' Rocket Bubble
Above Doobies’Sweet Blue Joint F2
The links below are for information on breeders who have contributed to my success as a breeder, thank you all so much. I am making a special effort to give those who helped me recognition for doing so. Some of these links might not work or be out of date. Anyone having recent info on these breeders I’d appreciate an email me with that. thanks Jeff
MoonMonkey Haze Cannabis by DoobieDuck Cripple Creek Cannabis by DoobieDuck
Below Moon Monkey Haze by DoobieDuck
Above n Below Doobies’ Cripple Creek
Creating the variety Doobies' MoonMonkey Haze Hummingbird Red Cannabis by DoobieDuck
Right n below Doobies’ Hummingbird Red
DoobieDuck Genetics
Hummingbird Red Cannabis by DoobieDuck Doobieduck Stratocaster Cannabis
above: Doobies’ Malawi A lot of breeders went out of their way to help me learn the art of breeding cannabis, I’d like to share my appreciation for them doing that.
Cripple Creek Cannabis by DoobieDuck
Again my utmost respect and appreciation to all the breeders who helped me develop my breeding skills along with my love for cannabis and the breeding community. You’ll find me sharing images of your genetics scattered all around my site to show my appreciation to you..DD
Doobies' Sweet Blue f2
above: creating Moon Monkey Haze
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