Considered a pioneer and one of the most recognized names in cannabis photography in the world now, thank you for that. And because I was so prolific for so many years. sharing my images and love for cannabis across the Internet.  I am pursuing sharing my images here and in print; in magazines and books. I am a qualified medical marijuana patient who is using medical cannabis as recommended by a licensed physician. I have been diagnosed with, and am being treated for, chronic pain, a seizure disorder, fybromyalgia, degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, and sleep apnea, along with things they are yet to figure out. My Facebook and Instagram links at the bottom of this page.
Recently re-build 02-15-2017-some stuff my not be finished yet. Publishers copyrights and images Cannabis Eye
All images on this site are copyright, do not reproduce, print , or publish them without written permission from me. I am very disabled  please don’t rip me off Brother! If you need a special image contact me.  If you want to share my images on the Internet  I’ll share them with you;! A simple credit “Image by” is mandatory, acceptable, allowed, and appreciated by me; especially if it links directly back to this site.  
You’ve reached the premier site for viewing high quality images of Mother Natures’ Splendor. This my site for sharing my Images and Art with the world, thanks so much for looking.
  This is my retrospective, forty-some pages of my best work from the past 35 years, the present, and into the future.  I  hope you’ll experience a completely different look at Mother Nature than what you usually see by viewing it as I see it thru my lenses. I work very hard trying to create and bring you images different than most, unique, and out of the norm, by using different lenses, set ups, and lighting.
Creative Cannabis Imagery, Genetics,  and Art.
Floral, Avian, Scenic n Landscapes, Wildlife photography.
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